Wooden Growth Chart


With this growth chart, you can measure your child's growth over the years.
It comes the choice of medium or dark stain. The numbers come in two styles upright and sideways (traditional ruler style). 
The numbers are painted, not vinyl decals that may loosen and come off years down the road.

Your little ones not so little anymore? It's not too late, get the measurements copy them onto the chart and keep going from there.

This growth chart is designed to hang half a foot off the floor. That leaves room to clear even the tallest baseboard. The board measures approximately 72" x 8" x 1" and has a keyhole hanger on the back, it will hang flushed with the wall. The marks measure to six and a half feet. 

Growth charts may have wood variations, nicks, knots and small nail holes. I often use reclaimed wood so these are a part of its history.